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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 17, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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europe remains on edge after the deadly terror attacks last friday. the iconic eiffel tower was closed again today while officials scrambled to put extra security in place. good afternoon. i am gasia mikaelian . tensions are high. in the past half-hour, what has been called concrete information about a bomb threat forced the cancellation of a soccer match between germany and the netherlands in germany. the german chancellor was supposed to be at that game in a show of holiday ready with france. officials announced earlier today they are looking for a second fugitive believed it to be directly involved in the massacre on friday in paris. there was already an massive manhunt underway for a man that they say escaped -- escaped to belgium. his brother is calling on him to turn himself in.
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there have been targets hit in syria. secretary of state john kerry met with friends president. francois hollande . >> most americans do not want and don't think it is necessary to be sending massive numbers of american troops to occupy syria. it didn't work so well in iraq. i think most people feel that is not the way to proceed here. >> be accused mastermind remains on the run. authorities are still trying to track down 27-year-old abdelhamid abaaoud . security has been beefed up in response to video from isis. president francois hollande said the terrorists came from 19 different countries. he says -- he will travel to
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talk about international cooperation, next week. in his statement, his office said he will meet president. obama next tuesday. he will meet vladimir putin two days later. people in paris are refusing to hide in their homes following the terrorist attacks. they are showing their defiance by continuing to eat, drink and be merry. restaurant owners are urging people to return to local nightspots tonight. they have a motto that is "everyone to the bistro " and it is supporting everyone working in bars and restaurants. congressional -- congressional republicans are "channel 2 morning news" block president. obama's pledge to let refugees from syria into the u.s. there is a fear that terrorists will take advantage of this program.
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leaders of 27 states are against accepting syrian refugees. the states are gray on this map. the united nations estimates for million syrians have fled their country since civil war broke out in march 2011. the refugee issue is under more scrutiny
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inappropriate photos and messages on a device. we spoke with one parent who was very concerned about this. we are also hoping to hear back from police. we will have more coming up on her later newscast. san francisco state university students and faculty are picketing demanding higher for employees. this is a live picture. this is all part of a statewide demonstration of solidarity from all 23 csu campuses. this is taking place at the same time the csu board of trustees is meeting in long beach. california faculty association represents 20 that thousand professors, lecturers, librarians -- 25,000
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professors, lecturers, librarians etc. there was another problem after gravel was dropped on the road by another truck. chris nagus is suspected to officially accept a new position with the tucson police department.
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he came to richmond from fargo, north dakota in 2006. during his tenure he oversaw a 70% drop in the cities homicide rate -- city's, cyber. $200,000 salary is part of the deal and it is expected to be finalized today. oakland police are investigating a double shooting that killed one and left another with serious injuries. that -- this happened last night at greenleaf elementary scope. a man and a woman or inside of the car when they were shot. the man later died. the woman is in critical condition. oakland police say so far there are no suspects in the case. police in dublin are searching for two young women who robbed a bank. this happened before noon yesterday. the bank of america on dublin boulevard, the women dated teller a note demanding money and also claimed to have a
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taxi companies are not happy that there's not equal
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consideration. they are considering temporary licenses for taxi drivers and simplifying ways that tacky she's -- taxis are inspected. a proposal is being protested that's being considered today. opponents say this ordinance criminalizes homelessness. supporters say it's badly needed. >> the city -- >> reporter: the city council meeting starts at this evening. protesters they they will remember -- they will remain until the city council meeting concludes. they will have a rally at 6:00. they are upset about a new ordinance that is supposed to be voted on tonight. opponents say that ordinance unfairly targets the homeless population because --. if it passes it would make it on -- illegal for a shopping cart to be on the streets for more than one hour. it would also prohibit personal items on the sidewalk that take up more than 2 ft.2 of space. this amounts to some analyzing
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homelessness, they say. >> are we going to issue police officers take measures to co- they are going to have to -- take measures. they will have to measure what to buy two is -- 2 x 2 is. >> they say it's needed because the homeless have longed -- for a long time driven away customers and block sidewalks. >> people say i'm not going downtown. i'm not going to the theater or restaurants. i'm not going because it doesn't feel safe. >> reporter: supporters of this plan say if past the city would provide 50 to 100 storage units for homeless people to store their items. the city council says they have this set up -- this photo of a set up in san diego. it's unsure if it's the background with the foreground showing the
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storage units for them. they will also add public restrooms and showers but does not specify where or when those extra facilities will be built. in berky, -- in berkeley, allie rasmussen. spec it to open tomorrow, terminal three, this is the one that served united airlines. it will have to under 50 charging plus, workstations are banisters -- passengers and places for people to eat such as local companies. >> i have been in business since 1978. we been at the airport for 14 years. we are very successful year. >> the romano -- the remodel is part of a quarter billion dollar project. the new train cars will be -- b.a.r.t. has now color-coded there cars such as the map shows.
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they will be shown on digital screens part of the first new cars should show up in hayward next month. they won't be put into service until december of next year. the board of supervisors of san francisco is expected to debate raising the minimum age to buy cigarettes and city. new york city already requires you to be 21 years old to buy tobacco. most city rolls -- laws require 18 as the lowest age. [ technical difficulties ] rosemary, i am thankful for the warm up underway. >> yes, we have warmer weather for most areas today. let's step outside. how about the clouds. we will be in and out of the soft sunlight for today. this is a pattern we will settle into for the next few days. i will explain why as we search over to our numbers first.
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68 in santa rosa, 9 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. around the bay, upper 50s to low 50s, 58 oakland, 62 san jose, low 60s in livermore and 59 in fairfield. this is a look at the 24 hour temperature change, up by 9 in santa rosa, 4 mountain view, livermore by three -- 3, as far as what we had yesterday at the lunch hour. the winds have calmed down. one area is still gusting strongly, the airport at santa rosa, about 20 miles an hour -- 21 miles an hour for one of the gusts. but mostly it's calm and a partly cloudy sky. this ridge continues to move into the bay area. as it strengthens it will bring us warmer days into the afternoon. with each passing day we we will -- we will be warm are. over the top of the rich we have low clouds that continue to pour into the bay area.
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but the next-door days, we will see a lot of this. we will actually have patchy fog returned to the area as well. for your afternoon today, a little bit warmer, partly cloudy, highs in the mid 60s to upper 60s. santa rosa already is in the upper 60s at this point in time. you can actually get to about second he -- 70 degrees for the afternoon. the rest of the week looks dry. i do see the possibility for rain coming in next week. i will roll you to next tuesday. as we moved to tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, storm tracker moves up and over us but tuesday morning look at what is going on. we have rain that might, way. seven days out, you can't hang our hat on it yet two but that will be the next possibility. we are dry did we can. here are the numbers to the afternoon, 65 sonoma, 64 send the south, sausalito 64, 67 santa rosa. we will have to up at a little bit. 55 one ray, 65 -- 65 walnut
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creek, 65 livermore, south bay, 60s in the forecast, 66 -- and 65 santa clara. along the palooza now -- peninsula, 65 san mateo. extended forecast temperatures continuing to climb thursday into friday. they might be the warmest days. maybe low 70s with mostly sunny skies in the afternoon. the weekend will have temperatures coming down slightly. the next chance for rain will be monday or tuesday.>> how much milder are the days ahead of us than the cold days that were behind us! is is where we are supposed to be for the season? fema yes, we are now trending a little bit warmer than usual. i like that. >> heavy snow and strong winds our causing trouble headaches -- travel headaches in colorado. stranded vehicles caused by 25
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to be shut down near colorado springs for the white out conditions also caused closures east of denver on i-70. it has caused many cancellations at dancers -- at denver international airport. the ski areas have received 12 inches of snow however. this is being swooped up by a san francisco company.
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close, the dow jones appears to be on track. major indexes made small gains earlier in the day. now it looks like it will finish essentially flat. san diego craft brewery is being acquired by a san francisco company. they are paying $1 billion for ballast point which was started in the back of a homebrew supply store in 1992. constellation brands also owns corona. they are snatching up -- more big name brewing companies are snatching up small craft beer companies. there are recalls because of a bad odor, tysons fully cooked hot wings buffalo style. according to the fda the problem was discovered after tyson received complete the wings had he might -- a mild odor. some consumers reported mild
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illness. the chicken wings were shipped nationwide. consumers are advised to either throw them away or return them for a refund. it looks like twitter is jumping on the mod bandwagon. they are working on images -- emoji bandwagon. they are working on many images. this sows -- shows many images. these are used to get into the twitter app that are less accessible. so far it only has the speak no evil monkey emoji. speaking of emojis, the word of the year in the oxford dictionary is the face with tears of joy emoji which i call laughing so hard i am crying which the -- was the most used emoji worldwide.
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it made up 70% of all the emojis used in united states. a concrete bomb threat has forced a concert -- cancellation of a soccer match in germany. germany and the netherlands were set to play against each other. the german chancellor was set to attend. a -- an explosive device was found after the arena was evacuated. we will join you back here at 4:00.
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and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night,blind. and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit >> today on "tmz" -- harvey: ronda rousey, as she sat in a hospital with a busted-up lip, was on the receiving end of a shocking amount of hatred. >> lady gaga went to instagram and wrote, that's what you get for not touching gloves. >> she was calling the girl a bitch on instagram before the fight. and afterwards she doesn't say congrats to her. >> she can't speak. what is she supposed to do? [laughter] >> kendrick lamar. they crash a wedding. guys get sick of it and they want kendrick and the rest of the guys to leave. >> oh, no. >> it's a white crowd that might have a issue with a random black guy coming in.


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